Creative Transitions:
Nurturing Your Self During Times of Change
While transitions can create opportunities for growth and renewal, they can also be incredibly challenging. Major changes in our core identity, career, job, finances, relationship, family, or home can be disorienting and anxiety - producing. Often, external changes are matched by a “call” to look deeply inward.

We can honor times of great change by creating supportive structures in our life. A self-honoring transition can be filled with joy, discovery and serenity. Here are some ideas to inspire you in your own ever-unfolding journey.
Creating Support
Individual counseling, group support, books, and classes can be tremendously helpful and affirming. Friends, family and loved ones can also give essential support. During periods of immense change, outside sources may provide the objective, impartial feedback we are seeking.

Designing Transition Structures
Transitions can be overwhelming if we do not create temporary structures to contain periods of inner “re-organization.” Short-term commitments that meet our immediate needs for security and our longer-term needs for growth are stabilizing. Creative and surprisingly simple arrangements for housing and work often manifest at this time.

Time to Rest, Reflect, Heal, Explore
Time alone to reflect, read, journal, walk, sleep is a significant source of sustenance during times of major change. In nature, all new growth is preceded by a period of quiet inner gestation.
Naming & Claiming the Transition
By claiming this as a period of transition you not only give yourself permission to be in a state of “not knowing” and discovery, but members of your support system may feel more at ease as well. You create a conceptual structure around an internally unstructured time.

Letting Go of the Need to Know / Embracing the Mystery
Releasing old structures would be much easier if we could guarantee the outcome. True transformation often involves a period of not knowing or confusion. We may be clear on what we don’t want, but before our new vision completely emerges we may go through a time of stretching and transformation ­ a winter of the soul.

Cultivating Faith and Trust
When a significant change is accompanied by the call to look deeply inward, we may feel afraid. Cultivating faith in our higher selves and the ultimate goodness of the universe helps us access an unlimited source of energy and guidance. We now have everything we need to begin embracing the unfolding mystery of our own soul.

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