Career Counseling
Need help finding a career you love? Get help with assessment, identifying and evaluating options, researching careers, and designing an action strategy for career immersion and your ultimate career goal.
• Change careers. Design a career transition strategy.
• Discover your perfect career fit. Identify your passions, strengths, interests, personality, and work style preferences.
• Research career options that combine passion with excellent compensation. Overcome inner barriers to moving forward.
• Retirees: figure out your post- retirement game plan (part time job or consulting, starting your own business, starting a new “career,” etc.).
• Mothers and Entrepreneurs: design a creative work strategy for supplemental income or outside work opportunities.

Job Search Strategy
Create a job search strategy and personal brand. Receive help with research, job hunting strategy, “transition jobs,” resumes, interview coaching and salary negotiation.
• Get a new job – figure out what else you’re qualified and interested in doing, design a self-marketing and networking strategy, and create an “exit plan."
Conduct in-depth research on job openings, companies, industries, general economic info, etc.
Clarify, strategize and learn to communicate your most marketable skills and accomplishments.
Strategize your interviewing “angle ” and develop succinct, content-rich responses.
Design a networking plan to help you change jobs and build your career.
Build your self-confidence and establish your professional value.
Create a targeted resume that captivates prospective employers.

Life Coaching
Get clear on what you need to create a life you love, and act on it! Whether you want to restore balance and simplicity to your life, gracefully manage a major change, deepen your personal spirituality, or simply have more fun, I will be a committed advocate for your growth and success.
Discover what you really want, and design an action plan to achieve it.
Establish life-affirming habits – create more joy and energy in your life.
Gracefully manage a major life transition.
Achieve a better balance between the different arenas of your life.
Create more time for “you” and listening inwardly for direction.
Ensure your life is lined up with your long range goals.
Research, explore, and experiment with different options.
Overcome fear and resistance – honestly look at what is, and gain clarity about your life story.
Get unstuck and start living your dreams!

Personal Counseling
People often ask me whether I provide personal counseling services. The answer is “yes!” We bring our emotions to everything we do. A holistic approach makes room for honoring and addressing those emotions throughout the process, if we so choose.
While career counseling and life coaching are two of my specializations, I am a registered counselor and also work with people on depression, self-esteem, getting unstuck, managing transitions, relationships and spiritual renewal. I offer a holistic approach that takes into account your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Sessions are a creative collaboration, designed to facilitate movement on these different levels. This has evolved organically out of my counseling experience over the past 15+ years.

I also have an excellent referral base of psychotherapists, for deeper psychotherapeutic work, as needed.

How It Works & Fees
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Frequently Asked Questions
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