"Coming across Laila’s business card at a local restaurant exclaiming that she counseled “with a twist” was one of the best things to happen to me during Fall of 2005. I had recently just quit my job and was totally unaware of how to proceed or what to do with my new spare time. Laila not only helped me to gain focus and direction over what to do with this newfound time, but really helped me put my priorities in order. She helped me realize that my emotional and physical health are just as important as my “monetary” (a.k.a. finding-a-job) health. Those aspects need to be honed just as much as a resume, etc.

I am happy to say that after 2 months of working with Laila and exploring several aspects of my life, I have obtained a job that is fulfilling emotionally, financially and spiritually. Located downtown (my area of choice), making great money (more than I expected plus amazing benefits) and working with a terrific group of people (down to earth and normal personalities) were plusses to me. Because of Laila’s insistence that I only pursue jobs I know I would like, I waited until this one came along and now my plusses are all realities!! Thanks Laila!" More

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