"I was a stick in the mud. I had the same job, same home, same relationships for over 10 years. I knew I needed to change something. I wasn't happy, always feeling mildly irritated or frustrated... seeing the negative view.

Thinking about a job change was overwhelming. How would I start? Where would I look? What did I want? Thinking about moving was an even bigger black hole. Where would I go? How, financially, could I go?

I called Laila for the initial free consultation and felt hope and saw possibilities. Throughout our work together I felt buoyed by her enthusiasm and the love I felt from her. With Laila's guidance, firm and gentle, I was able to start the process. The stick in the mud was beginning to move ever so slightly. Sometimes I wanted to dive back down into the hole but with Laila's help I stayed on track, taking breaks when needed, rewarding progress.

The new resume was created and polished. I started &fishing." I got a few bites. The stick in the mud was really increasing in range of motion. Now there's interviews. At the same time, I begin changing home, clearing clutter, removing excesses, getting rid of old to make way for new, preparing for an inevitable move.

Then, the giant sucking sound when the stick is pulled out of the mud: quoooo-ah!

What could have been a major crisis in my life was averted with the preparations Laila guided me through. Laila goes far above and beyond what I expected. I was surprised by the extra mile she frequently went to help bring my dreams to fruition. She inspired me and kept me moving forward when I was overwhelmed or frustrated. She really rolled her sleeves up and worked side-by-side with me to get it done — whether it was sending me additional resources or referrals, making calls, or doing research. I felt that she was continually thinking about my situation and strategizing how to help me achieve me goals and improve my situation.

I really enjoy my new job and I'm looking forward to taking on management responsibilities in the near future. Equally important, I have become more empowered around the entire job search process. My initial request for help with a resume ended up giving me a new resume, a new sense of self, and a sense of adventure instead of a previous sense of trepidation. I realize now that instead of being stuck, my life is flowing!"

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