"I went to Laila when I wasn't sure what the next best step was for me career-wise. I was eager to "have a plan" and what I loved about Laila's approach to career counseling is that it was much more holistic (and spiritually-based, for those who are so inclined) than traditional career counselors and about exploring what work would truly be most fulfilling. She slowed the whole process of my frantic search way down which ultimately allowed me not to pursue a career track out of fear rather than real love.

I ended up realizing what I really wanted to do was join the Peace Corps which I did for two years in Bulgaria. When I returned, I used the tools she had helped to instill in me to realize I wanted to be a psychotherapist and eventually went to graduate school. My work with her was immeasurably invaluable. Laila has an infectious enthusiasm and spirit and her work is nothing less than groundbreaking and vital to our precious spirits. I think she is the ultimate wonderful combination of career counselor and personal coach wrapped into one deeply insightful and marvelous woman. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone -- and I have!"

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